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For several years the Agricola Gianpiero Marrone, now at its fourth generation, has been welcoming tourists from all over the world to guide them through the discovery of their wines and the lands in which they are produced.


The family composed of father Gian Piero.Rolex Daytona Swiss Replica mother Giovanna and their three daughters Denise, Serena and Valentina has improved at finding out and understanding even the most demanding customers wishes and it offers them the simplest things of all: a real view and experience onto the family daily life, far away from the mass tourism.


From this welcoming experience the family established in 2004 “Italian Delights”, a tour operator with a simple and ambitious objective: let guests know Piedmont’s “delights” through the eyes and passion of those who live them every day. To realize this project they took the vineyard as a model.


A vineyard’s roots are so deep and strong that they can support an entire hill and its branches are taken care of up to the minimal detail. The family’s roots live inside the family cellar, the heart of each visit and where our guests can:

- Taste the self production wines.

- Get to know and buy the territory’s products.

- Admire the Langhe from the panoramic terrace.

- Finding out the piedmontese traditional dishes secrets by taking part to one of our cookery classes.


The family branches are our people: 

- The Marrone family with its staff with their experience and passion.

- A group of tourist guides and professionals that tell guests the story about the family in different languages.

- A reliable network of hotels personally tested and able to offer an excellent value for money. 

- A reliable network of restaurants and wine producers which are able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

- Good references in more than 15 foreign countries where we operate since years.

The grapes are represented by our wine products and by the customized tours we offer: to you the pleasure to pick them both.



Our homeland passion lives through the dynamism of young talents to delight guests and welcome them into the Marrone family that has been producing  fine quality wines since four  generations.

Our friend producers of local excellences are invited and involved in our wine cellar to surprise guests and recreate the atmosphere of  “home away from home”.



Introduce guests and visitors to Piedmont through our eyes of international experts.


- Delight guests through a personalized service focusing on details.

- Stays that stimulate the 5 senses.

- Long tradition at welcoming tourists into our wine cellar.

- Experiencing Piedmont through the family that has been working and living here since generations.

- Home away from home.

- Focus on territory  and nature.

- Personally known hospitality structures, symbol of the “slow tourism” away from mass tourism.